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My office.

I have a nice office.  My large brown corner desk has plenty of room for a computer on one side and my mountain of research books and notes on the other. Everything is a chair swivel away. There is even an outdoorsy scented candle for inspiration. When the window is open I have a great view of my neighbors dining room, it’s especially entertaining at times. I am not a fan of their taste in music and I am sure they aren't impressed with mine. Most of the time I don't even notice any noise as I am immersed in some great adventure between the pages of my latest read.

Every interview, article and book says a writer must also be a reader.  I am a reader. A big reader.  Some call me a professional reader though others use words like obsessed, addicted or just nuts.  I often hear talk that I need to get a life.

Not only do I read books I review them, I follow other blogs, I connect with other readers. That's where the real problem lies, you see we have the same tastes so I purcha…

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